windshield wipers clear
maggots through an eye socket
shades of moving white
finding belly
button stuffed with
red pimento

sporadic sleep
with bad dreams
overnight forecast


come rough
knees attack

designer words
I fumble saying
I love you

you grab for me
    watching you dream

neck unfurls
hearing your key
in the door

pillow buttress
I come up with




ice dipped trees
   remembering your warmth
      near me in bed
even in my dreams
    you take care of me
water seeping into
rain my mother died day
before yesterday
walking on
carpet my foot crushes
a jungle

a cat's wet nose
and purr the universe does
have a heart

writing haiku
works better from feet
than mind

reading haiku
I hear what I'm missing
but I'm blind

it's loud
after five decision makers
go home

finder's dilemma
keeping one up all night
needing a cookie
remembering pines   
   I feel nerves cooled
      by scented air

everyone who has ever
       died has breathed

half awake

    hearing you call my name
I turn to the wind

fixing my hair

in eyeglass reflection

made to God's image

jealousy rears
up with the lion's roar
please listen

gathering onions
for the simmering stew
seeds watered

sending off bills
paper cut on tongue
pays postage