About DailyDose Haiku

About the site:
The daily poems on this site are not all  in fact haiku, but senryu. I've noticed people are not familiar with the term senryu and use haiku for both. It is for this reason that I've  purposefully choose the wrong name for the site. The only difference between senryu and haiku lies in subject matter. Haiku deals with nature and the seasons where senryu deals with personal states, emotions, politics, and daily life. The format of 5, 7, 5 syllables is the same. I often refer to this as 5x7 verse. 

About the poet:
My name is Ambrose Thompson. For pay I am a public librarian. I think in poems and meditate in poems.
Care to reach me, you can do so at dailydosehaiku@gmail.com Or follow me on Twitter @dailydosehaiku