ego proceeds you to the room
    by which I mean it's palpable
        aromatically tactile in greed
nicer way of saying I hate
    you despise your arrogance
        being so addicted on yourself
self assurance dwarfs all
    blaring you're so much better
        daring to put me down that way
telling me you're better
    then hoping expecting to
        be liked without propaganda
I'll smile for the camera
    flashes shake your hand in
        front of faces but that's acting
you must know must
    understand I hate you
        what other choice have I
worship you denigrates
    me before you lowers
        me so you can look down
I would ache from hunched
    back neck craning
        to look up in pain
you must see must understand
    hating you is sole recourse
        of self preservation self worship
self help books chant self love self
    wellness how would it be to opt
        down bended knee as if I serve
God you pray I can only be sheep
    noose around my neck tied in
        silk a perfect Windsor knot
though I am not one to wear
    ties matching socks so you
        must comprehend hate self depends
but then your arm comes out
    slaps me on the back pulls
        me into your inner circle
of cool people you gather
    round a barrier of protection
        from throngs eating off your
energy going for the jugular
    vampiric groupies wanting a
        taste of popularity the most
legal of drugs that sends
    people into frenzied back
        scratching name calling
it's when I'm close in your
    breath I see the momentary
        hands clenched around your beer
realizing your as much a fraud
    as the rest of us with farther
        to fall as you stand on our
shoulders giving height
    back to hating you for
        not being the real thing
detesting you for having what I
    want and getting to be the liar
        I so long to be riding high and light
so you must understand I need
    you to understand hating you
        is natural my self help book
says I must so must I listen
    to keep my self my inner love
        worshiped aright full of hate

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