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ego proceeds you to the room
    by which I mean it's palpable
        aromatically tactile in greed
nicer way of saying I hate
    you despise your arrogance
        being so addicted on yourself
self assurance dwarfs all
    blaring you're so much better
        daring to put me down that way
telling me you're better
    then hoping expecting to
        be liked without propaganda
I'll smile for the camera
    flashes shake your hand in
        front of faces but that's acting
you must know must
    understand I hate you
        what other choice have I
worship you denigrates
    me before you lowers
        me so you can look down
I would ache from hunched
    back neck craning
        to look up in pain
you must see must understand
    hating you is sole recourse
        of self preservation self worship
self help books chant self love self
    wellness how would it be to opt
        down bended knee as if I serve
God you pray I can only be sheep
    noose around my neck tied in
        silk a perfect Windsor knot
though I am not one to wear
    ties matching socks so you
        must comprehend hate self depends
but then your arm comes out
    slaps me on the back pulls
        me into your inner circle
of cool people you gather
    round a barrier of protection
        from throngs eating off your
energy going for the jugular
    vampiric groupies wanting a
        taste of popularity the most
legal of drugs that sends
    people into frenzied back
        scratching name calling
it's when I'm close in your
    breath I see the momentary
        hands clenched around your beer
realizing your as much a fraud
    as the rest of us with farther
        to fall as you stand on our
shoulders giving height
    back to hating you for
        not being the real thing
detesting you for having what I
    want and getting to be the liar
        I so long to be riding high and light
so you must understand I need
    you to understand hating you
        is natural my self help book
says I must so must I listen
    to keep my self my inner love
        worshiped aright full of hate

help me please
I'm stuck

in the silence
of my own head voices
distilled down to nothing
nothing but the breaks of
thoughts torn into splinters
myriads of splinters that
fail to spark a single
flame I'm so cold
hold me from afar
but don't touch me
don't get near me

be near me
talk to me from over there
there where I can see
see and hear you
but not feel you
unless I can hide
under your jacket in
the dark recesses of
your body heat where
the dark hides your
contours hides your
limbs hides your
eyes that will see
through my fears

from within my fears
and show me how
little I really am
how small I am
under the heavy
dark weight of a
universe that does
not know my name
my life my cares my
fears because my
fears are just so
many little particles
with no name and no
weight in a universe

that deals with distances
I cannot fathom
I cannot bear to
contemplate unless
the dark will make
my bones feel more
contained more real
than the stares that
go right through me
like a cold wind that
has no use for small
trifles flittering around
outside caught trapped
like electrons or like
moths in a candle flame
moving in endless circles
but getting nowhere that
isn’t delineated and allowed
in meager lives that seek
the freedom of containment
then bemoan limitations
limitations set

set not by an imaginary friend
friend of wide pockets
and deep bank accounts
that can grant the next
lottery winner or choose
one lucky speck to win
big so everyone else
hopes that the next
speck will be them
because they are so much
so much more important
more special than
any other speck

that has ever found an open flame
and wondered if smoking
skin smells as bad as every
one says it does because
the only scar that matters
is the one cutting through
skin that feels tight and
warm but not as warm
as your jacket that is
lined with your smells
smells and past touch
but remember keep your
arms out away from your
body so I can pull the
concept of you around me
without the fear of getting
touched or noticed in
the small confine of my
personal den of comfort

comfort from knowing
you know I’m here it
is enough to know you
are there in concept
rather than the weight
of reality that defies
concepts and makes
me take notice that
when people look at
me they really see me
and that is more weight
than I can handle so
leave me to my weightless
dark that is warm and
close but not too close

close so I’m weightless
help me be weightless

stop it just stop it stop it
please I don’t care I don’t
need to care I don’t want
to care I’m not paid to care
I’m paid to stand here
smile laugh nod murmur
wave but I’m not paid to
care I’m not your confidant
your friend your therapy
your need your want I’m
nobody so STOP YELLING
your existence with soppy eyes
dripping in saccharin sweetness
coy sugary wants muddying
my clothes as you splatter your
cravings in coos and whimpers
and pleadings bleatings that work
on a four legged animal led to
the slaughter but not on a four
limbed human capable of
stopping lips with crystalized
sweetness crystalized sharpness
of barbed retorts that are meant to
wear me down shred me
down into a pulp you can
mash between your drumming fingers
caked in the impatience of too much
sugar gone to your brain and
caking with participate into your
drama that I didn’t ask for and
am not paid for not paid to be
your closest ally as you
go out of your way to better
yourself at other’s expense expense
that you are not willing to pay for
but want handed to you free
of any retaliation any remorse
any feedback that no one and
no thing is buying your
twinkling eyes as your
elbow comes out and tries to
mate with my ribs as another
set of floating bones that only
want to take away my nutrients
as you run dry on sugar and are
in desperate need of protein
meat to put in your fodder so
you can run amok again selling
your needs like wares that
someone we are all supposed
to want and need and desire but
please just stop go away leave
me alone I’m not paid to care
I’m only paid to keep my mouth
closed and smile if only you
would do the same

just stop it for crying out
loud I get it but really cut
it out stop okay I get it

please do those six little
letters really mean all that
much to you that you sit
up and take notice or are
you a Pavlovian dog wired
not out of mercy but from
training to stop what you
are doing and change tactics
change your course to one
that has a tad bit more
humanity tinged with your
word or your acts so
that you stop acting like
a dog or an animal and
more like a human which
is just a different animal
but one supposed to be
graced with morality and
kindness and tender words
to soothe please

please it really is funny that
a cool wet dog or cat’s
nose can be kinder more
gentle more soothing than
your Pavlovian response
but its all I have to ask for
because I cannot collar you
or take you out for a walk
on a leash or rub your stomach
in public so please

please and thank you
the underlying thread that
gets you to notice me as
the human you deem me
to be which is above the cats
and dogs that walk at your feet
so maybe I will just go back
under your warm jacket and
hide in your heat that responds
to my body even without words
or programmed responses but
that simple act of my existence
that adds no weight to your
needs for me to act or be
a specific way to be deemed
worthy of your kindness so

please let me slip inside your
shadow and just fade back
into you not noticing I’m here
and if you trip on me as I weave
in and out between your feet I
will whisper please so that you
go back to just adding warmth
and nothing more



transcendental sympathy
seeping through dry eyes
pedestrians blown by lies
gusting up the streets

snow balling into fists quiet down the cry
frozen lips stop asking why
begging comes in lists

hierarchy of desperate needs
food, warmth, love
economic shoves
a harsh desperate plead

transcendental sympathy
marked by religious bound
food, warmth, love wound
in stipulated decree

snow balling into fists
pummeling into bone
splintered lights shown
bloodied hair wisps

whispered desperate plead
harsh in guttered streets
warm flesh, loved meat
economic need

bound religious texts
limit the seeping eye
splintered lies defy
the paganistic hex

minds pummeled into race
sex, gendered lies
of who to warm, who to love
transcendental disgrace


transcendental sympathy
vapor rising off crystallized kindness
coin operated vending machine dispensing
coffee warmed cups

insulin impregnated steam from riddled vents
pumping out addictive trends
minds addled with hungered exhaustion

music in the background
young lips painted bright
parting notes tuned to
rise emotions high

bread lines end at the
church door opened in strong
arms throwing off the snow
trading rusty benches with indoor heat


hollow stomach pains
transcendental sympathy
food given freely

crystallized kindness
dissolving in warm water
enduring sweetness



I am Mohamed
i am GOD
i am Prophet
black on white
analog thought digitally mastered
visually measured, numerically coded
asynchronous synaptic fires
my words heard inside
reverberating in your skull
Is it really me you hear?
your voice saying my words
words, thoughts, agony
you want to kill me
but my words visually impaired
your brain chemically laced
who are you killing
over and over again
it is your brain
analog to digital to chemical
only your own voice
echoing a skull’s chamber
destructive outlets
won’t dull the stained brain
etched with panic, worry
i might be right