transcendental sympathy
seeping through dry eyes
pedestrians blown by lies
gusting up the streets

snow balling into fists quiet down the cry
frozen lips stop asking why
begging comes in lists

hierarchy of desperate needs
food, warmth, love
economic shoves
a harsh desperate plead

transcendental sympathy
marked by religious bound
food, warmth, love wound
in stipulated decree

snow balling into fists
pummeling into bone
splintered lights shown
bloodied hair wisps

whispered desperate plead
harsh in guttered streets
warm flesh, loved meat
economic need

bound religious texts
limit the seeping eye
splintered lies defy
the paganistic hex

minds pummeled into race
sex, gendered lies
of who to warm, who to love
transcendental disgrace


transcendental sympathy
vapor rising off crystallized kindness
coin operated vending machine dispensing
coffee warmed cups

insulin impregnated steam from riddled vents
pumping out addictive trends
minds addled with hungered exhaustion

music in the background
young lips painted bright
parting notes tuned to
rise emotions high

bread lines end at the
church door opened in strong
arms throwing off the snow
trading rusty benches with indoor heat


hollow stomach pains
transcendental sympathy
food given freely

crystallized kindness
dissolving in warm water
enduring sweetness



I am Mohamed
i am GOD
i am Prophet
black on white
analog thought digitally mastered
visually measured, numerically coded
asynchronous synaptic fires
my words heard inside
reverberating in your skull
Is it really me you hear?
your voice saying my words
words, thoughts, agony
you want to kill me
but my words visually impaired
your brain chemically laced
who are you killing
over and over again
it is your brain
analog to digital to chemical
only your own voice
echoing a skull’s chamber
destructive outlets
won’t dull the stained brain
etched with panic, worry
i might be right